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We employ customized project teams to meet the specific needs of each client.

At the heart of Riyada’s approach is its promise to offer its clients high quality and customized services. For each assignment, we match the skills and expertise of our consultants with the specific needs of the client. We do so by tapping into our network of over 600 international and local professionals with diverse expertise in evaluations, research, institutional development, and strategic planning.

We collaborate with our clients, listening and responding to their needs.

Throughout each assignment, we work closely with our clients, eliciting their feedback at every stage of the process. We begin every project by meeting with the client to better understand their goals for the assignment and then work with them to create the appropriate methodological tools and implementation plans. Throughout data collection, we keep them up-to-date with our progress in the field by sending weekly updates and communicating regularly via phone, skype, and email. When we finish a project, we share the findings of the project and our lessons learned with them; often we present the client with a draft of a report, ask for their feedback, and then incorporate it into the final report.

We design tailored methodologies for each assignment.

Each project evaluation, institutional development assignment, strategic plan, or research study is different; therefore, we recognize that each requires unique data collection tools. Having completed over 100 projects to date, we have experience with a variety of quantitative and qualitative research tools, and recognize which ones are most effective for certain assignments. Using a combination of document reviews, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and field visits, our consultants customize the implementation plan to meet the objectives of each assignment.

We apply problem solving and creative solutions to unforeseen obstacles.

Although our extensive experience enables us to predict and account for most obstacles that we may face when conducting assignments ahead of time, working in Palestine presents unpredictable challenges. By remaining flexible and committed to maintaining our standard of high quality, we are able to adapt to and overcome challenging situations