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Riyada is a development
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Riyada Consulting and Training is a Ramallah-based Palestinian development consulting firm working to support sustainable development in Palestine. Since its establishment in 2006, Riyada has positioned itself among the top Palestinian consultancy firms by employing its innovative business model; the firm assembles customized project teams to match the specific needs of each project, tapping into Riyada's first-rate network of consultants with a wide range of expertise. This approach ensures that the skills of each project team precisely match each client’s particular needs. Each year, our consultants complete numerous projects in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in the four domains of program and project evaluations, research, institutional development, and strategic planning.

We work extensively with all of the major local, regional, and international donors and organizations in the occupied Palestinian territories. Our client base includes USAID, the World Bank, the EU, various UN organizations, representative offices, international development organizations, as well as both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  1. Workshop

  2. Meeting At Riyada Office

  3. Training Session

  4. Meeting at Riyada

  5. Evaluation of Drought Response Project Commissioned by Oxfam GB

  6. Training of Youth Researchers for Mercy Corps “Research on Youth Employment”

  7. National Conference on “Education for All: The Rights of People with Disabilities in Education” organized by Riyada Consulting for Diakonia/NAD

  8. UNICEF WASH Presentation

  9. Providing technical assistance to 14 partner NGOs in the Middle and North of West Bank, NDC with funding from the Human Rights Consortium

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