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Research and Sector Surveys

To date, Riyada has conducted nearly 25 research assignments in Palestine for a variety of local, national, and international clients. These assignments have included national and regional sector surveys, scoping studies, feasibility studies, needs assessments, and stakeholder perspective mapping surveys. Many of Riyada’s previous research assignments are related to the development programs of local NGOs and international organizations; Riyada is often approached to conduct beneficiary impact assessments for projects or baseline assessments to inform development programming. For a complete list of research assignments conducted to date, please visit our Projects page.

The methodology for the research assignments varies depending on the purpose of the research study. However, all research assignments begin with a preparatory meeting with the client; this meeting enables our research team to get a better understanding of the client’s purpose for proposing the research assignment. After meeting with the client, the research team conducts a comprehensive document review. Depending on the project, this document review can include project documents, national strategies relating to the assignment, and relevant reports and studies conducted by other organizations. This document review is usually supplemented with interviews with a diverse group of key informants and stakeholders.

For some research assignments, particularly beneficiary impact assessments and baseline assessments, our research team may also collect quantitative and qualitative data through conducting focus groups or administering surveys. After completing data collection, our team analyzes all information gathered and presents the analysis in a comprehensive report.