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Program and Project Evaluations

Having completed over 40 different program and project evaluations, including midterm and final evaluations, Riyada has firmly established itself in this domain. We have evaluated projects and programs of varying sizes for an array of international and local donors. For a complete list of evaluations conducted to date, please visit our Projects page.

Although the specific methodology for each program or project evaluation differs for each assessment, Riyada follows the same overall framework for conducting evaluations in order to ensure the high quality of each evaluation. At the beginning each project or program evaluation, our evaluation team conducts preparatory meetings with the client’s management and project staff to discuss the proposed methodology and implementation plan. In order to inform our evaluation tools, we undertake comprehensive literature and project document reviews. With information gained from the meeting with the client and from the document reviews, our team develops quantitative and qualitative indicators for measuring relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the project or program.

With the input from clients, we then create our monitoring and evaluation tools, which are usually a combination of qualitative and quantitative questionnaires and surveys. We often pilot these questionnaires to ensure their relevance and effectiveness. Depending on the needs of the client, we then conduct a combination of key informant interviews, focus groups, surveys, case studies, and field visits. When conducting quantitative field work, we always employ the expertise of our statistician, ensuring that our detailed samples remain representative and relevant.

After data collection is complete, our evaluation team will analyze the data for relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and impact. Quantitative data is always analyzed with statistical software (SPSS). Our evaluation team’s quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as recommendations and lessons learned are then organized and presented in a well-written evaluation report. These reports are often accompanied by oral presentations where we discuss our analysis and findings with the client. After eliciting their feedback, we incorporate it into our final report.