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Strategic Planning

Riyada has completed strategic planning assignments for a variety of organizations including the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF), the Women’s Studies Center (WSC), Palestinian Resource Center (PRC), Ashtar Theatre, Palestinian Working Women Society for Development, and the Palestinian Council for Development, Dialogue, and Democracy. For a complete list of strategic plans drafted to date, please visit our Projects page.

At the beginning of every strategic planning assignment, we conduct preparatory meetings with the client’s management and project staff to discuss the proposed methodology for the assignment. Our consultants conduct a document review, analyzing annual reports, project evaluations, success stories, budgets, and other relevant documents. We supplement the internal document review with a sector review, taking into consideration the current political situation and donor trends.

Our team then conducts an organizational capacity assessment to evaluate the organization’s strengths, gaps, and potential areas for improvement. Often we hold a workshop with board members, management, staff, partners, stakeholders, and/or target groups, where we discuss and identify strategic issues, the vision, mission, values, goals, and objectives of the organization.

Based on the findings of the organizational capacity assessment, we work with the client to draft a strategic plan that includes recommendations for the short and long term development of the organization. These recommendations are tailored to each client and may include suggestions ranging from restructuring the organization to suggestions for building the capacity of the organization’s employees.