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Institutional Development

Riyada’s consultants have conducted a wide range of institutional development assignments for local and international organizations, as well as for government bodies. Our institutional development expertise lies within the following three domains: program design and proposal writing; organizational capacity needs assessments; and capacity building and trainings.
For a complete list of institutional development assignments conducted to date, please visit our Projects page.

In order to complete program design and proposal writing assignments, our consulting team first collects and analyzes background information and statistics, while performing sector analysis. Simultaneously, the team conducts stakeholder analysis, and often facilitates workshops with stakeholders to do so. After analyzing the data collected, our team works with the client to design project base concepts, such as strategic objectives, specific objectives, expected outputs, and activities. If needed, our team can then also assist the client in writing a project proposal that includes detailed descriptions of activities, a log frame, and a budget.

When conducting organizational capacity needs assessments, our team assesses the needs of the organization in the five main operational areas of management, program delivery, human resources development, external relations, and finance management. By employing qualitative and quantitative research methods, we determine staff satisfaction, areas where staff capabilities can be improved, and the potential for restructuring the organization. As needed, we can also determine the satisfaction of specific target groups with organizational performance and the quality of services delivered.

When our team conducts capacity building and training workshops, our consultants first perform a capacity needs assessment, and then develop specific capacity building plans and on-the-job-training courses accordingly. We work with the client to develop short and long term capacity building plans that can be implemented, focusing on management, program delivery, human resources development, external relations, and financial management. Lastly, our team also has extensive experience in developing training manuals and operational manuals for diverse organizations.